Pharmaceutics and IT: the Minister of Industry of the region named priority directions of work

The Strategy on Industrial Development is being developed in the Kaliningrad Region. The Minister for Industrial Policy of the region, Dmitry Kuskov, made a speech in the air of the program "Authority with Elena Volova" on the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda-Kaliningrad".

"I was given one month to write an industrial strategy, six priority areas were identified: the first is the direction that goes alongside industry, science, engineering (here we are actively cooperating with the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University), the second is the IT industry. The third one is the automotive industry: we want to develop not only AVTOTOR, but also the component base, as well as pharmaceuticals. "We have one of the most profitable production facilities on the territory of the industrial park ECOBALTIC - Miramistin pharmaceutical product," Dmitry Kuskov noted.

Earlier it was reported that the Kaliningrad Region could become the first region of Russia to produce sprayers for pharmaceuticals. According to the author of the ECOBALTIC industrial park Andrey Gorokhov, sprayers, which will be produced in the Bagrationovsky City District, will be cheaper than the foreign ones, therefore theyt will be able to enter the import substitution program.

Source: klops.ru